Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Curse of the New Year’s Resolution

It’s almost March and the original grit and hope that brought so many people to Jean-Robert’s Gym in January is starting to wear off. I call it the “Curse of the New Year’s Resolution.” We all start out with great intentions. To get fit, lose some weight, and regain a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, the demands of daily life can quickly take over. It’s usually important things like family, work, school, soccer games, or simply trying to fit in one more thing in the day that slow us down, but they don’t have to.

While our days seem to be overly packed with too much to do, I have found that the people who come in regularly, some even for just 30 minutes, seem to do better than those who don’t. Regular exercise can help you in many more ways than just losing weight. A simple workout can improve your whole life.  

Aspen BikingEnjoy the Outdoors

In almost every article I write, I comment on how great it is to live in Aspen. I love living here and getting outside to explore, hike, bike and do all those activities Aspen has to offer. A visit to our Facebook page quickly reveals it’s an important part of all our lives. 

If you need motivation to get to the gym, walk out your door, look around and start imagining yourself doing all the things you want to do. Whether it is snowshoeing in Ashcroft, biking Sunnyside, or hiking Smugglers, it all starts with one little step. 

Improve Self Confidence

Too many people join gyms after the New Year just to lose weight. Losing weight is a good idea, but it is better to focus on being healthy and having a better quality of life. When I talk with people who are working out to feel better, I’ve noticed they have more self-confidence and generally feel better about themselves. They notice more improvements than just what a scale reads.

Decrease Stress

Even a little exercise can decrease stress. Studies continually show how daily exercise produces endorphins which help relieve stress and anxiety, and can even help you sleep better. If you’re overwhelmed by the challenges and business of life, as little as 30 minutes of exercise will help you feel more relaxed and better prepared for the next challenge.

Help and Inspire Those Around You

Workout with friends at Jean-Roberts
Do you sit around with friends and joke about how you should go to the gym or share memes that have cats eating donuts on a treadmill? I should admit, I like that too, but imagine how great it would feel to spend 30 minutes a day with a friend while making your lives better. 

Going to the gym is more fun, it adds a level of accountability and it helps to inspire the people around you. Just think, if you could get 3 or 4 of your friends to join you, in a very short time instead of wishing you were walking the trails, you’ll be on them.

Are You Ready to Get Going Again? 

Start by setting small goals that you can accomplish and hit those goals. It might be as simple as, “This week I’m going to the gym 3 times for 30 minutes.” I might be, “I’m going to call Jen and we are going to the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.” If you need help figuring out what works best for you talk to one of our personal trainers here. We can help you develop a plan that works with your busy schedule and gets you on track to exceed your goals.

Remember, You can do this!

Friday, December 9, 2016

I Want the Santa Claus Workout!

The Santa Claus Workout
I was walking into the gym the other day and mentally preparing myself for a great workout when I heard someone mutter, “I want the Santa Claus workout.” I chuckled a bit as I began to stretch, but then suddenly it hit me like a one-ton sleigh. I wanted the Santa Claus workout too. Think about it, here’s a guy that eats over 20 million cookies in one night, works basically one night a year, but has the endurance, strength and stamina of about 200 bodybuilders!

Let’s Start with the Numbers

Granted Jolly Old Saint Nick has a well-organized and amazingly efficient team of elves creating, building, packing and loading toys, but once he is air born Santa is on his own. So, working in round numbers, let’s estimate on the low side and assume there are 5 million kids receiving presents, with an average of 4lbs per present, Santa is roughly dead-lifting and dragging around nearly 2,300 tons of toys. This is even giving him the benefit of the doubt by assuming the average weight is down due to electronics and phones. I don’t know about you, but my thighs start to burn after my second set of squats. Lifting all those presents has to take a toll on him right?

Then there is the issue of the speed. Santa needs to travel nearly 212,030,000 miles in one night. Not factoring in the stopping, diving down chimneys, setting up pleasing gift arrangements, swallowing 2-3 cookies and drinking milk, this means Santa has to fly 1,800 miles per second. Between each stop he is at a full sprint down, up, over and between, in a full winter outfit no less and boots. That kind of makes wind-sprints look easy! In addition, I swear I saw him skiing the other day. Who is this guy?

I Gotta Guy that Knows an Elf

After doing the math I decided to call in a favor. I have a friend, whose second cousin’s brother-in-law, knows a guy who delivers dumbbells to Santa’s personal elf trainer, Brutus. Here’s the skinny. It seems that Santa just doesn’t lie around on his 364 days off. In fact he is an avid believer in a balanced exercise routine consisting of stretching, cardio, and weight lifting. Here’s a fun fact, Santa hates leg day too. In warmer months he puts an hour in at the pool, and chases reindeer. During the polar night season, Rudolf runs alongside so he can see his way. While he does go with the gluten-free cookie diet during training, it seems he still can’t stop eating the ginger bread houses.

So what is the Santa Workout?

The Santa workout is just what you would expect it to be. It’s the workout that works for him and his fitness level and shape. You see, Santa’s gift to me is the realization that our body shape doesn’t necessarily indicate our level of fitness or commitment. However, our lifestyle and living active does. So bells and bobtails aside, we need to focus on what we need to be healthier and just start there. We can’t all be the herculean Santa, and I’m not sure I want to work that hard anyway.

So as you enjoy the holidays with your family and friends remember that becoming healthy doesn’t always mean six-pack abs, huge biceps, or having Santa’s amazing strength and speed. It means working hard, becoming your best, and enjoying who you are. So this year, unwrap your "inner you" and leave globe-trotting to the guy in the red suit. 

Happy Holidays from the Team at Jean-Robert’s Gym!


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