Thursday, December 13, 2018

Tired of Ugly Sweaters Yet?

Well the Holiday Season is in full swing and we are awash with ugly sweaters, odd chia pets, and a smothering array of gift choices that cater to our bellies not the ability to better our lives. In a society where "stuff" is king, it is nice to know you can give the people you love more than things that need to be stored or will soon be thrown away.

How About the Gift of Peace?

There is nothing better after a crazy and hectic season than a relaxing massage. Imagine giving someone one hour of pure stress relieving bliss to celebrate the season or a gift certificate for multiple sessions. Perhaps you would like to give someone a certificate for Skin care products or other items that make them feel more beautiful. Sure beats a fruitcake.

Share the Gift of Health

One of the main reasons people don't workout is because they don't see the value of having a gym membership or have no-one to go with. Give your special someone the opportunity to join you on the path to health with a gym membership. Once they try it and see that it makes them feel better and it can be fun, you may end up with the perfect training partner and more motivation yourself.

Think Outside the Box

Do you still need a last minute gift or is there someone on your list that is nearly impossible to buy for? Don't be that boring person around the tree giving out common gift cards. Share peace, health and the beginning of a new life with those that matter most.

Give the Perfect Gift

For more information about gift certificates for massages, gym passes or to find out more about membership opportunities please call us at 970-920-9595 or visit the gym.  We look forward to helping you make this an extra special season!

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