Monday, July 9, 2018

Buti Yoga - Journey to Self-Empowerment

Buti Yoga was conceptualized and created by celebrity trainer Bizzie Gold in 2012 to specifically help women rediscover themselves and get a hold of their inner confidence, and strength. “Buti” means “secret remedy,” which is what Buti Yoga intends to do — to show you how you can be beautiful and strong in ways you cannot imagine.

Why try Buti Yoga?

There are a lot of yoga practices out there, so what makes Buti Yoga worth trying? For one, it’s not your typical quiet session that mostly involves only linear movements. Buti Yoga encourages you to find clarity, acceptance, and strength in a more proactive manner. By mixing plyometrics and tribal dance with vinyasa-style yoga, Buti is able to help you explore your potential and find confidence in yourself in the most exhilarating yet graceful way.

A Power Workout

Just because there are yoga mats involved doesn’t mean that your movements are restricted only within its bounds. Buti incorporates various tribal dance steps that would surely shake things up; not to mention the use of the Spiral Structure Technique which aims to give you those sexy curves by activating every component of your abdominal muscle. Every component covers the inner and the outer parts, all the sides, and from the front to the back muscle. So say goodbye to those typical crunches. With Buti Yoga, you’ll not only get toned arms and legs, but chiseled shoulders and abs as well. You’d be greatly surprised when you discover the amount of strength you didn’t know you had inside of you.

A New Level of Mind-Body Awareness

Buti Yoga doesn’t only take care of your body; more importantly, it helps nourish your mind as well. Your first and second chakras hold the key to your sexuality, confidence, and inner power, and that’s the reason why Buti focuses on removing their blockages to give you a whole new level of mind-body awareness. You'll realize how much beauty you have within, to the point that you won’t be able to contain it anymore. Beauty will exude from you.

It’s Totally Liberating

Whatever it is that’s holding you back — whether it’s your insecurities, your shyness, or even your hopelessness — Buti Yoga will help you let go of any negativity by making you see yourself for what you can be: strong, confident, beautiful. You’d be surrounded with women who are also traveling the same road with you, facing the same challenges that you do, so there’s no need to be afraid. Because by the end of it all, you’d be looking at the mirror, and all you’d see is the person who you thought you could never be.

Since the introduction of Buti Yoga in 2012, thousands of trainers have already seen the powerful effects of this practice and have joined the crusade in helping women take control of their mind and body towards rediscovery and empowerment. Say goodbye to the conventional approach of trying to focus on only one aspect of your body at a time. Buti Yoga allows you to explore your entire body with the combination of exercises and lessons specifically aimed for you to discover how beautiful and strong you can actually be.

So what are you waiting for? 

You can start your journey in Buti Yoga at Jean-Robert’s Gym which offers this one-of-a-kind practice every Tuesday and Saturday.  Check the Group Fitness Schedule Here!

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